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The Brief

We were first approached by this particular client several years ago when he and his wife had purchased an old cottage. Over the next few years we worked with them and their team of builders to transform the property into what it is today.

Although we’ve carried out almost all the plumbing and heating in the property, the particular element of our work that we’ve documented was the incorporation of a renewable heating system into the existing condensing boiler/cylinder set-up.

A solid fuel stove and solar panel were to be installed and we needed to design a system to incorporate these elements into the existing configuration.



 The Cottage, Checkendon

As the property is very much a cottage getting a large amount of plumbing equipment into it was always going to be tricky. We had two airing cupboards to work with so decided the best approach was to install a thermal store in one and to keep costs down the existing pressurised cylinder in the other. We felt the thermal store was the most appropriate solution as it would act as a neutral point for all elements of the system. This store would collect heat from the solar panel and excess heat from the stove then redistribute this energy into space heating and hot water through a series of pumps, thermostats and valves to underfloor heating, conventional radiators and the existing pressurised cylinder.

The beauty of this type of system is its ability to make use of both renewable energy sources equally. In the hotter months the free solar energy is stored throughout the day then redistributed into the hot water cylinder and heating if required. In the winter months when the stove is used every night the excess heat is recirculated through the heating system and again used to heat the hot water. As you would imagine with this type of installation, control is key to utilising all the stored energy at the correct point and minimising the need for the boiler back up to kick in. After a consultation with the client to discuss their requirements the system controls were adjusted to suit and a full handover given.

Since completing the installation the household gas bill has fallen to a third of that the previous year. Needless to say our clients were extremely happy.