As soon as a heating system is installed and filled with water, deterioration can begin to take place. The combination of water, air and a mixture of metals can result in corrosion, sludge formation and scaling of boilers and heat exchangers.

These issues are usually highlighted with the following symptoms;

• Your central heating system is slow to heat up.
• Some radiators are cold at the bottom.
• Some radiators require frequent bleeding.
• Irritating boiler noises.
• Repeat pump or valve failure.

A Power flush is a cost effective and efficient way of solving these problems. The Power flushing process consists of connecting a machine into the heating system and pumping specialist chemicals at a higher than usual velocity across each radiator and through the hot water cylinder coil. The result is the magnetite, more commonly known as sludge, slowly being broken down and suspended in the rapidly moving water. This water is then passed over two large magnets in the flushing machine which mobilise the unwanted debris and prevent it from being reintroduced into the system. Once we are satisfied the process is complete, the chemicals are drained and clean water reintroduced. The system water is then inhibited and the radiators rebalanced making sure they heat up as you’d expect.

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