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The Brief

Often is the case we are asked to upgrade an aging heating or hot water system. In this particular instance the customer had just moved into a new property and the existing system was far from meeting their needs. It became clear the old tank fed hot and cold water system wasn’t able to supply adequate pressure to the several bathrooms this large property possessed. To add to this the existing boiler was becoming expensive to run and had been repaired several times prior to our visit.

Field End, Upper Basildon

Because of the age of the components involved we made the suggestion to remove everything apart from the radiators and start from scratch, as this would this would then allow us to offer a complete package installation with all the boxes ticked.

Firstly we were keen to protect the new installation from any existing sludge (iron oxide) and scale, so the heating circuit was power flushed then inhibited and a water softener installed on the water main.

We then installed a large 300 litre pressurised cylinder with an accumulator. This would allow several bathrooms to be used at once with little or no pressure loss from the mains water fed system.

The next step was to replace the existing boiler, and as we are Worcester Bosch Accredited installers the natural choice was to install a Worcester Bosch product. This would provide our customer with a well-built efficient appliance featuring an extended warranty and would give piece of mind knowing their investment our would stand the test of time.

The final piece of the puzzle was how to control the new system. It was decided zoned hot water and heating circuits would best compliment the scale of the building. Separate zones were installed on each floor to allow independent control of the radiators along with an additional zone for the hot water cylinder. With the additional control over the first floor radiators the installation payback timescales have been significantly reduced.

The whole installation was completed within one week and even with all the work involved we made sure only one night passed when there was no hot water available.

Needless to say the customer was extremely happy with everything and we received a glowing recommendation following the works.