When those winter nights start closing in the number one priority for most is getting the heating turned on. This often makes people question how efficient their system is working or highlights old issues that had been forgotten about. Here at Premier Heating Solutions we have plenty of experience dealing with all your heating requirements including repairs, upgrades or full installations.

If you want to replace your existing electric storage heaters for a more efficient method of heating your property or if you have a central heating system that’s a bit tired, then we can offer advise on potential upgrades including more efficient radiators, thermostatic radiator valves or more up-to-date methods of controlling your system.

Our hugely experienced team will be able to offer advice on the most cost efficient way of heating your home Whether it be a fully pumped conversion, system zoning or intelligent controls. We could even discuss the prospect of underfloor heating which could save you up to 30% on your heating costs.

To arrange a survey or get some friendly advice call us today on 01491 671718