Custom Underfloor Heating Systems

Underfloor Heating For Ultimate Home Comfort

Imagine stepping onto warm floors on a chilly morning and experiencing the comfort of underfloor heating.

Offering an efficient alternative to traditional radiators underfloor heating, is becoming the preferred choice for homeowners in Berkshire and South Oxfordshire looking for a modern, eco-friendly heating solution.

What is Underfloor Heating?

This innovative system involves installing either pipes beneath your floor, effectively turning the entire floor area into a vast heat emitter. Unlike traditional radiator systems, underfloor heating delivers warmth from the ground up, ensuring a more evenly distributed and comfortable heat throughout the room.

The Advantages of Underfloor Heating

Enhanced Comfort

Underfloor heating provides a consistent and even distribution of heat, eliminating cold spots and creating a more comfortable living environment.

Energy Efficiency

By heating from the ground up, underfloor heating systems use energy more efficiently compared to conventional radiators. This efficiency can lead to reduced energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint.

Space Saving

Without the need for bulky radiators, underfloor heating frees up wall space, offering more flexibility in room design and furniture placement.

Our Underfloor Heating Services

Premier Heating Solutions are specialists in underfloor heating.

We provide a complete service from initial consultation and design through to installation and ongoing maintenance.

How Does Underfloor Heating Work?

1. Hot water passes from your boiler or heat pump to the mixing valve, and is blended with cooler return water from the system. The ensures optimal water temperature, preventing overheating and promoting efficiency.

2. The water is then directed to the manifold. The manifold distributes the warm water to various circuits under the floor. Each circuit can be individually controlled for precise temperature regulation.Thermostats located in each room or zone monitor the ambient temperature and adjust the system to maintain the desired level. 

3. As the warm water flows through the pipes, it radiates heat upwards, warming the floor and, subsequently, the room above. This method provides a consistent and comfortable warmth throughout the space.

Installation Process

1. Initial Assessment and Planning:
A detailed survey of the property is conducted to assess the suitability for underfloor heating. This includes evaluating the existing flooring, insulation, and heating requirements. Precise measurements and heat loss calculations are performed to ensure the system is designed to meet the specific needs of each room.

2. Subfloor Preparation: The existing floor is prepared by cleaning and levelling it to ensure a smooth surface. This step may involve removing old flooring and repairing any imperfections. 

3. Installing the Insulation Layer: High-quality insulation boards are laid down to create a thermal barrier, improving the efficiency of the heating system. Ensuring a tight fit of insulation boards to avoid any gaps, which could lead to heat loss.

4. Laying the Heating Pipes: A network of pipes is laid out according to the planned design, usually in a serpentine or spiral pattern to ensure even heat distribution. Pipes are securely fixed to the insulation layer using clips or a fixing system, with careful attention to spacing to ensure consistent heating.

5. Connecting to the Manifold and Heat Source: The pipes are connected to the manifold, which is in turn connected to the boiler or heat pump. All connections are thoroughly checked for secure fitting and leaks. The system is pressure-tested to ensure there are no leaks in the water pipes.

6. Installing the Floor Sensor and Thermostat: Thermostats and floor sensors are installed to regulate the temperature, ensuring the system operates efficiently and maintains the desired comfort levels. Sensors and thermostats are strategically placed for accurate temperature measurement and easy user access.

7. Covering the Pipes with a Screed: A layer of screed is poured over the pipes to encase them and provide a solid surface for the final floor covering. The screed is carefully levelled and allowed to cure properly to avoid cracks and ensure a durable finish. The type of floor covering is chosen based on compatibility with underfloor heating.

8. System Testing and Commissioning: The entire system is tested to ensure it is functioning correctly. This includes checking the heating performance and ensuring there are no issues with the thermostat and control systems. Detailed inspections are conducted, and the system is commissioned according to the manufacturer’s specifications and industry standards.

9. Final Walkthrough and User Training: Our installer provides a thorough walkthrough of the system, explaining its operation and maintenance. We’ll ensure you understand how to operate the thermostat and any other controls, ensuring you get the most out of their new underfloor heating system.

Is under floor heating worth the cost?

While the initial installation cost of underfloor heating can be higher than traditional heating systems, the long-term savings in energy bills make it a worthwhile investment. The installation process varies depending on the type of system and the existing floor structure.

Underfloor Heating for New Builds and Renovations

Underfloor heating is particularly well-suited for new build projects due to the flexibility and efficiency it offers. In new constructions, underfloor heating can be seamlessly integrated into the design from the outset. This allows for optimal placement of insulation, piping, and controls, ensuring maximum efficiency. New builds usually incorporate modern insulation standards and energy-efficient materials, enhancing the performance of underfloor heating systems. 

Retrofitting underfloor heating in existing homes can also be highly beneficial, though it requires careful planning and expertise. A thorough assessment ensures that the chosen system is compatible with the current setup and maximises efficiency. Modern retrofit solutions, such as low-profile systems, are designed to minimise disruption and can be installed with less impact on floor height.

Upgrading to underfloor heating during heating renovations can enhance energy efficiency and provide more consistent heating compared to traditional radiators and transform the comfort and energy profile of older homes.

Prompt and Reliable Underfloor Heating Repairs

Whether it’s a sudden drop in temperature, uneven heating, or a complete system failure, our expert team is here to help restore your comfort quickly and efficiently.

Underfloor heating systems are generally reliable, but like any complex system, they can experience issues over time. Common problems include:

Our experienced technicians are trained to diagnose and resolve these issues with precision. We use advanced diagnostic tools to identify the root cause of the problem and provide a targeted solution. Contact us today to schedule a repair and experience the peace of mind that comes with professional, reliable service.

FAQs About Underfloor Heating

While the initial installation cost can be higher and the installation process more involved, the long-term benefits often outweigh these factors.

Generally, underfloor heating is more energy-efficient than traditional radiators, potentially leading to lower running costs.

Issues can include uneven heating or system malfunctions, but with professional installation and maintenance, these problems are minimal.

Considering the comfort, efficiency, and aesthetic benefits, underfloor heating is a valuable addition to any home.

Underfloor heating can be installed under wood, tile, and even carpet, making it a versatile option for different room styles.

In addition, when paired with boiler or heat pump is equipped with advanced controls which regulate the water temperature based on heating demand. Modern systems often include weather compensation controls that adjust the boiler output according to outdoor temperature, optimizing energy use and ensuring comfort.

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