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Why Choose a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps are an efficient and eco-friendly way to heat your home. They work by transferring energy from the surrounding air and converting this energy to warm your home and hot water. They are designed to work even in cold temperatures and have been used to heat homes in Scandinavia for decades.

As technology has advanced, heat pump efficiency has increased, with modern heat pumps being able to deliver; this means for every unit of electricity they use, they deliver as much as 4-5 times as much energy in the form of heat.

How much does a heat pump cost?

In Reading, Newbury, and surrounding villages, an air source heat pump installation can cost, on average, between £7,000 and £16,000. Luckily, many homeowners across Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Hampshire benefit from the Government’s £7,500 Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS); whilst the grant is unlikely to cover the total costs of the installation, it eases the budget required for heat pump installations.

Our fixed pricing includes everything from design and supply to pipework insulation and radiators.

Benefits of Installing a Heat Pump

Why Buy from Premier Heating Solutions?

Steps to your heat pump installation

Initial Consultation

Contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. We’ll assess your property and discuss the best heat pump options for your needs.


Based on our assessment, we’ll provide a detailed quotation outlining the heat pump system’s costs and benefits.

Installation design

If you’re happy with our quotation, the next stage is scheduling your heat loss calculation. Once this is complete, we provide a detailed system design and a fixed-price quote.



Our team of certified professionals will install your heat pump system with minimal disruption. Once completed you receive a walkthrough of the system and a handover pack with all of the documents related to your installation. 

After-Sales Support

We offer 24/7 after-sales support and industry-leading guarantees to ensure your system continues to run smoothly.

Heat Pump FAQs

  1. Energy Transfer: The refrigerant absorbs heat energy from the air or ground and converts from a liquid to a gas.
  2. Compression: The compressor compresses the gas, increasing its pressure and temperature.
  3. Heat Exchange: The hot gas is passed to a heat exchanger to heat water, which circulates through your home through radiators and underfloor heating.
  4. Condensation: The refrigerant gas cools and condenses back to a liquid as heat energy is transferred to the water.
  5. Expansion: The liquid passes through an expansion valve, lowering the pressure and starting the whole process again.

Yes, heat pumps can operate efficiently even at temperatures as low as -20°C. They have been used successfully in colder climates, such as Scandinavia, for over 30 years.

Heat pumps are suitable for a variety of properties. However, the suitability depends on factors such as insulation, property size, and existing heating systems. Our experts can help determine if a heat pump is right for your home.

While modern boilers are efficient, they rely on fossil fuels and have higher carbon emissions. Heat pumps use renewable energy sources, making them a more sustainable option. Additionally, heat pumps do not emit any emissions at the point of use.

Heat pumps require electricity to compress and expand the refrigerant, but they are more efficient than traditional heating systems. This efficiency can lead to lower overall heating costs.

A heat pump calculation is a detailed assessment of your property’s heating needs to ensure optimal performance. The process begins with a thorough survey of your home, reviewing its structure, insulation, and overall fabric. A room-by-room heat loss calculation confirms the heat required for each room to stay warm during the winter. This ensures your system is perfectly tailored to keep your home comfortable and efficient.

One of our highly qualified and experienced heating surveyors conducts your heating survey. During the survey stage, they combine this experience with MCS-accredited software, which allows them to make accurate recommendations for any necessary adjustments to your heating system, such as new radiators, a different hot water cylinder, and the appropriate heat pump size.

The heat-loss calculation confirms these calculations and provides the detailed report required for claiming the BUS grant.

With regular servicing, a well-installed heat pump should last over 15 years.

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme allows consumers to apply for a one-off grant payment of £7,500 towards purchasing and installing an Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP).

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