Powerflushing for Optimal Heating Efficiency

Are You Experiencing These Common Heating System Issues?

Image showing the radiator before a powerflush. Image shows hit and cold spots.

Your system could be in need of a PowerFlush

By removing accumulated sludge and debris, Powerflushing restores your system’s circulation and efficiency, reducing the risk of breakdowns and extending the life of your heating system. Our satisfied customers often report improved heating performance and noticeable energy savings.

Image showing the radiator after a powerflush

Powerflushing is usually completed within one day, ensuring minimal disruption.

Benefits of Powerflushing with Premier Heating Solutions

Our Powerflushing Process

Powerflushing is a cost-effective remedy to restore your heating system's efficiency and reliability.

Our process involves:

High-Velocity Chemical Treatment

We connect a specialised machine to your system to pump cleaning agents through each radiator and the hot water cylinder coil at high speeds.

Magnetite (Sludge) Removal:

The treatment breaks down and suspends sludge in the water, which is then captured by powerful magnets in our machine, ensuring it won’t re-enter the system.

System Rebalancing

After removing the contaminants, we refill the system with clean water, add inhibitors to prevent future corrosion, and rebalance the radiators.

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FAQs About Powerflushing

If you’re facing issues like poor heat distribution, noisy boilers, or frequent pump failures, a Powerflush might be necessary.

While Powerflushing significantly improves system efficiency, it does not repair mechanical faults like broken valves.

Powerflushing removes a significant amount of sludge, but in heavily silted systems, additional steps may be required.

Powerflushing effectively removes sludge, debris, and other contaminants from your heating system, improving heat distribution, reducing energy consumption, extending the lifespan of components, and restoring system efficiency.

 Powerflushing is typically recommended every 5 to 10 years to maintain the efficiency and longevity of your heating system. However, the frequency may vary depending on the system’s condition and usage.

 The duration of a power flush procedure depends on the size and condition of the heating system. On average, it can take between 4 to 8 hours to complete. However, larger or more heavily contaminated systems may require additional time.

   Yes, powerflushing is highly effective in resolving issues with cold spots on radiators. By removing blockages and improving water flow, it ensures even heat distribution throughout the system, eliminating cold spots.

 Yes, powerflushing is suitable for most types of heating systems, including conventional boilers, combi boilers, and underfloor heating systems. It can effectively cleanse both residential and commercial setups.

Powerflushing enhances the efficiency of your heating system by removing blockages and allowing heat to transfer more effectively. This leads to reduced energy consumption and lower heating bills.

While powerflushing is generally safe and beneficial, there are minimal risks such as dislodging debris that could potentially cause blockages elsewhere. However, these risks are mitigated by hiring a professional with experience in powerflushing.

The cost of powerflushing varies depending on factors such as the size of the system, its condition. Generally, prices start from £540, but it’s best to request a quote for an accurate estimate.

While DIY powerflushing kits are available, it’s highly recommended to hire a professional for this task. They have the expertise, specialised equipment, and knowledge to ensure thorough and safe cleansing of your heating system.

Yes, powerflushing can often resolve noisy boiler or radiator issues by removing airlocks, blockages, and debris that contribute to the noise. It restores optimal water flow, leading to quieter operation.

Powerflushing utilises specialised equipment and cleaning agents to achieve a more thorough and effective cleansing of the heating system compared to traditional flushing methods. It dislodges and removes stubborn debris, ensuring comprehensive cleaning.

Yes, it’s highly recommended to conduct a powerflush before installing a new boiler. This ensures that the system is clean and free from debris, maximising the efficiency and lifespan of the new boiler.

You can assess the effectiveness of a powerflush by monitoring improvements in heat distribution, reduced noise levels, faster heating response times, and lower energy bills. 

Yes, before scheduling a powerflush, it’s advisable to ensure that all radiators are accessible and that the heating system is operational. 

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I've used Premier Heating Solutions twice. Once for a yearly boiler service, and once to replace my filling loop. They were excellent both times in service, cost, quality of work and the friendliness of their staff. I highly recommend them!

Douglas Shanks
March 2022
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Steve showed up this morning to service our 1 year old boiler. Very happy with Steve’s work done and the professionalism he handled things around and respected our property. Hope I don’t see you again before next annual boiler service 🙂 Thank you.

Alex Dinu
November 2023
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Premier heating services were excellent throughout the process of getting my boiler serviced. It was quick and easy to book and pay online. The engineer was very friendly and helpful in asking my many questions. Good value and great service, will definitely use again!

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