Buying your new home can be stressful enough without worrying about paying £££’s for expensive surveys. These same surveys generally don’t provide you with the detailed information you need when trying to make a deal.

At Premier Heating Solutions we can provide you with a detailed report of the plumbing and heating system, including a costing schedule of any works needing to be carried out.

With our home buyers survey the following checks are carried out.

• Operation of all oil and gas appliances. *
• Associated heating and hot water controls.
• Radiators, valves and exposed pipework.
• Hot water cylinder condition.
• Storage tank/expansion tank condition.
• Correct operation of drains (not including CCTV survey).
• Pipe insulation and energy efficiency compliance.
• Correct operation of all taps.
• Correct operation of all toilet siphons/float valves.
• Stopcock operation.

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* Not including AGA’s/Max 3 appliances.