New Grant Oil Boiler Installation in Chieveley, Berkshire

A Reliable Heating Solution With Improved Efficiency

Premier Heating Solutions recently completed a boiler replacement project for a long-standing customer in Chieveley, Berkshire. Having serviced their old Grant oil boiler annually for a decade, the customer had started to face recurring issues, prompting consideration for a replacement. With expert guidance from our team, the customer opted for a like-for-like replacement, ensuring reliability with another Grant boiler. The project included additional enhancements for improved efficiency, such as installing thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) and a MagnaClean filter alongside a powerflush to optimise the system’s performance. Despite encountering a leak during installation, our dedicated team swiftly resolved the issue, ensuring minimal disruption for the customer. The successful completion of the three-day installation left the customer delighted, as evidenced by their glowing 5-star review.

The Tell Tale Signs Of Needing A New Boiler

For years, the customer had trusted Premier Heating Solutions to service their Grant oil boiler annually through our service club.

Following a recommendation from one of our engineers during a routine service, the customer recognised the impending need for a replacement. The boiler’s age and condition had become a source of frustration, with recurring issues like pressure drops and a significant repair needed the previous year.

The customer decided to replace the ageing boiler with a new, Grant Oil Boiler, valuing the brand’s reliability.

The importance of a thorough survey

We arranged for Zach, our heating advisor, to conduct a thorough survey, ensuring compliance with regulations and exploring opportunities for improved efficiency. 

Zach suggested installing TRVs (Thermostatic Radiator Valves) on some radiators, promising up to 18% increased efficiency for the heating system. The installation spanned three days, during which our team installed a new Magnaclean to protect the boiler and conducted a thorough powerflush to clean the existing system for maximum performance.

Dealing With Unexpected Obstacles

During the installation, an unexpected leak from existing pipework threatened to disrupt the process. However, our skilled engineer, Chris, swiftly identified the source – an old plastic tee in the ceiling. With prompt action, including cutting away at the ceiling for access and replacing the faulty fitting, Chris resolved the issue while keeping the customer informed throughout.

Thanks to our team’s expertise and commitment, the customer now enjoys a reliable and efficient heating solution with their new Grant oil boiler. The installation also included measures to improve system efficiency, ensuring long-term savings and comfort.

Kirk and Chris from Premier Heating Solutions replaced our oil boiler last week. They did a great job, and we are all snug and warm again now. Thank you.

Chris new boiler

Our Commitment To Your Satisfaction

The customer’s 5-star review speaks volumes. At Premier Heating Solutions, we take pride in delivering exceptional service and tailored solutions, ensuring our customers’ satisfaction and peace of mind with their heating systems. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss replacing an old boiler or upgrading your heating system.

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